The Resurrection

This Sunday at High Point, we celebrated Easter by learning more about what it means that Jesus was raised from the dead and why it matters for us in our world today. You can listen to the message here:

Or you can view it on our website by clicking on the link here: Acts: The Fact and Meaning of the Resurrection

More Resources

Nic didn’t have time to talk about evidence for the historical resurrection of Jesus in this sermon, but he did discuss it in one of his previous sermons. If you are curious about the subject, check out that sermon here: “Evidence of the Resurrection

For more teaching on what the resurrection of Christ means for us, check out any of the messages from this sermon series on the book of 1 Corinthians: Resurrection People

In his sermon, Nic also mentioned a debate between William Lane Craig and Bart D. Ehrman. These leaders in Christian thought and Biblical studies came together to discuss historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. You can read the transcript of their debate by clicking this link, and you can view the debate here:

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