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Leading Worship: The Offering

Offering Is Worship

The offering is a specific part of worship that is not like any other act of corporate worship. This is the main reason we haven’t taken it out of the worship service in order to communicate “we are not about money” to skeptics who would presume that. I believe it would diminish our worship not to make financial giving part of it. Giving is one of the most worshipful things we do, because when we give money, the opportunity cost is not just a few minutes of singing, it is the very life, labor and future that our liquid capital represents. It is a “show me don’t tell me” moment of worship, where we let go of the security or pleasure our money can purchase in order to demonstrate our worship of God and our love of his mission. And so I believe giving belongs in the worship service as much as any other component.


And yet there are many skeptics and nominally religious people who believe that the church, and especially larger churches like ours in nice buildings, are all about money. Therefore the way we approach the offering is of particular importance.

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What is the Non-Denominational Evangelical Church?

A recent, intense elder discussion has led me to seek to clarify what I think it means to be a “nondenominational” evangelical church.

Why were “non-denom” churches created?
Independent nondenominational churches—or as the young people say, “Non-denom”—tend to be those that are not connected to a denominational superstructure and that cannot be easily identified by denominational criteria.

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Why Doctrine Matters: Examining our Constitution

I’ve heard so many people say over the years, “Doctrine is not what’s important.” And what’s that classic bumper sticker? “My karma ran over your dogma.” Isn’t that cute? But of course, both of those statements are dogmas. The first statement is making a truth claim about the value of truth claims. It is no less doctrinaire than saying, “Doctrine is the only thing that’s important.” The bumper sticker’s statement is just a thinly disguised claim that Hinduism is better than Christianity. I can’t think of anything more dogmatic than that.

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2015 Dominican Republic Team Updates

DR Team

High Point Church has a partnership through Hands of Hope with the community of El Amirante in the Dominican Republic. This year we had two teams that went – an adult team and a student team. Check out the updates from each day!

Team 1 Updates

July 14: Our arrival in Santo Domingo

July 15: Home visits, medical clinic, construction, community reception

July 16: Home visits, education, VBS, constructing bathrooms

July 17: Prodigal Son & Elder Brother, homes, hugs, happiness

July 18: Foot-washing, community tour, mentoring

July 19-20: We’re heading home from the DR, so what happened in us, what happens next

Team 2 Updates 

July 22: Day 1

July 23: Day 2

July 24: Day 3

July 25: Day 4

Year End Gift Helps Missionary Purchase SUV

High Point Church’s Year End gift continues to impact the lives of many across the globe, and the mission work of Martires Olivero in the Dominican Republic is some of the latest to fall in that category.

Part of HPC’s gift was sent to Martires for the purchase of an SUV for better travel within his ministry to get from community to community (especially for when it rained and the roads were flooded) and for traveling with hosts churches when they came to help from the US.

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