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What does the Gospel mean for our marriages, children, and everyday family life?

Parent’s Corner: What Three Months with My Daughter Has Taught Me About God

They say that having a child colors your understanding of God and life.  That bringing new life into the world changes how you see the world.  Until three months ago I didn’t realize how incredibly true this was.  I feel like the charcoal sketch that I was looking at has been transformed into the most vibrant of Monet’s.  Possibly the most profound instances of this is in regards to how God has painted my understanding of prayer and His emotional nature.  


Feeling Prayer

I’ve always prided myself on being a man who was confidently in touch with his emotional side and when it comes to prayer I’ve always prided myself on being the guy who says “it doesn’t matter what you say — just speak and let the Holy Spirit translate it for you!”  But if I can be honest, having Maisey has opened my eyes to just how theological I’ve been about all of it.  It’s been a standard case of the “head but not heart syndrome”.  I’ve known in my mind how God desires us to talk to him in prayer, I’ve known theologically how the Holy Spirit intercedes and translates for us when we talk to God but I haven’t felt God’s heart for us regarding prayer.  It took the birth of my daughter for it to finally click.

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Thick Skin & Gracious Hearts: Parenting in an Age of Conflict

Written by Truett Glen, Thick Skin and Gracious Hearts: Parenting in an Age of Conflict originally appeared on his blog, Thoughts From The Glen

We want to be tough yet kind disciples of Jesus — not like a crab, with a layer of armor outside but nothing substantial inside, nor like a slug, completely vulnerable and lacking a backbone, but like a horse, with both a soft nose and a strong body.

Thoughts from the Glen


Dear First World, media consuming parents, 2015 was a year that made many of us even more pessimistic about what kind of world our children will inherit. Many of us have been blessed with a lifestyle, sense of security, and level of comfort that has insulated us from the anxiety that the majority of people in the world face on a far more consistent basis. Even though history has shown that the United States has had a far more problematic and conflict driven past than the talking heads and deceptive pundits would like to admit, the once predominant Judeo-Christian culture in the United States did provide a more stable, and broadly shared, worldview for several generations in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Times have been quickly changing. Over the last couple of decades, pop culture has conformed to an uneasy reflection of pluralistic relativism, which tries to please everyone while…

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The Real Reason We Are Unhappy

Who’s to blame?

A lot of people are listening to TED Talks these days. I think it is because they are supposed to be smart and scientific. They are mostly just secular and progressive. I was listening to one about how monogamy does not work anymore and how we should be “Monogam-ish”— that is, mostly monogamous. The first part of the talk was full of all kinds of pseudoscience, but the main idea was that marriage is a worse than fifty-fifty gamble and it definitely needs an adjustment if it will have the potential to make us happy. And the thing we need to adjust is probably the monogamy part.

You may or may not think that’s particularly controversial. For my purpose here, this is just one example of a much broader phenomenon. It is part of the general unhappiness with the things that are supposed to make us happy, including human institutions that have lasted tens of thousands of years. The secular and progressive way of dealing with such a phenomenon is to blame the institution — the thing that was supposed to make us happy. If we are not happy in our marriages, then the problem is marriage.


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April’s Parent’s Corner: Worship in the Family

Hello Parents,

I’m planning to post articles related to issues of faith and parenting each month. In order to keep some semblance of order in the upcoming stream of posts, I will cover a theme that will span multiple months. Each month, I’ll cover a different angle within the theme. First up: family worship. I am convinced that the way parents worship makes the largest determination on whether or not their children will adopt their faith as their own.

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Helpful Advice for Parents: Teens and Their “Risky” Brains

Murky PathThe land of adolescence seems to become more murky with each successive generation that passes through it .  If you are a parent or someone who volunteers their time working with teenagers you know this.  You also know how tricky it can be to help them navigate through those years.  On one hand there are the trials and tribulations that mark the transformations of those “in-between” years known as puberty.  And as if that wasn’t enough the other hand is full of  the added complexities of living in the 21st Century.

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