The modern world is more healthy, more wealthy, and more free than any other time in human history; yet again and again we see that we’re less happy and more anxious than we’ve ever been.

Two thousand years ago, there was a Jewish rabbi who predicted that all of this would happen. He said that worldliness—the deceitfulness of wealth and the cares of this world—would have a way of making us feel like we’re being choked.

His solution was to call us to a life that is entirely ordinary, yet never typical—a life of substance. A sweaty, yet profoundly joyful work. Come, find the supernatural strength you have been given in Christ to stand like a mountain in the rains of worldliness.


Come to church for seven Sundays—starting with the Backyard BBQ Kick-off on September 10—from September 10 to October 22. Worship God and hear sermons based on each week’s focus.


The book will be available for purchase at High Point Church and online starting Sunday, August 20 for $9. The link to order online will be posted here!


Get in a small group for seven weeks and talk through
what God is doing in your life and what you’re learning. Signups will begin Sunday, August 20.

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