Thick Skin & Gracious Hearts: Parenting in an Age of Conflict

Written by Truett Glen, Thick Skin and Gracious Hearts: Parenting in an Age of Conflict originally appeared on his blog, Thoughts From The Glen

We want to be tough yet kind disciples of Jesus — not like a crab, with a layer of armor outside but nothing substantial inside, nor like a slug, completely vulnerable and lacking a backbone, but like a horse, with both a soft nose and a strong body.

Thoughts from the Glen


Dear First World, media consuming parents, 2015 was a year that made many of us even more pessimistic about what kind of world our children will inherit. Many of us have been blessed with a lifestyle, sense of security, and level of comfort that has insulated us from the anxiety that the majority of people in the world face on a far more consistent basis. Even though history has shown that the United States has had a far more problematic and conflict driven past than the talking heads and deceptive pundits would like to admit, the once predominant Judeo-Christian culture in the United States did provide a more stable, and broadly shared, worldview for several generations in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Times have been quickly changing. Over the last couple of decades, pop culture has conformed to an uneasy reflection of pluralistic relativism, which tries to please everyone while…

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