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Five Purposes & Practices of Small Groups: 2. GROWTH

In the last post I discussed the five purposes of small groups at High Point church. Our vision for small groups is for them to be Christ centered, transformational communities. The five purposes and practices of small groups are designed to build these communities.

To review, the 5 purposes are:
1. Community
2. Spiritual growth
3. Prayer
4. Supporting mission
5. Service

In part 1 I broke down in some detail the practice of community. The second purpose and practice of small group community is spiritual growth.

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Five Purposes & Practices of Small Groups: 1. COMMUNITY

The next five posts will be about the five purposes and tasks in small groups. There are many things that cannot be done on Sunday morning. Some cannot be done because of time constraints. Some cannot be done because of the large group context. But when large group and small group gatherings work in concert with one another, great things can happen to the local church. It’s amazing what can happen to the local church when the local church is working right.

So to give you a summary, the five purposes are as follows:

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Why you can’t pick ’em…

One of the objections people have against small groups is that we don’t get to pick the people. Small group seemed like an artificially assembled group of people that don’t naturally get along or necessarily click with each other. Some groups are together for months and still don’t feel like they’re all that much closer. Some people openly long to not have to be part of a small group so that they can be more focused on spending time with people they know they can have meaningful friendships with. And many pastors realize that fighting this is a losing battle.

I am not one of those pastors.

Why, you ask? There are two reasons.

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What’s next: The Gospel Through The Bible

No doubt many people in ministries and leading small groups are wondering what’s coming next after missions month. For several months we have been planning to do a series called, “The Gospel Through The Bible.” The point of this series is twofold:

  1. We want people to understand how to put their Bibles together.
  2. We want people to see Jesus and the gospel in all of Scripture, which will also help us accomplish #1.

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Resurrection Reflection – Small Group Questions

At the end of Pastor Nic’s sermon on Sunday – he asked a few small questions. But your answers may not have small implications.

1. Is your faith a fall-back faith?

To get a little more specific on that one think about these: Have you retired from spiritual investment? Does spiritual investment or earthly consumption win out in your life? Do you have trouble investing spiritually when there’s not result?

2. Is your life pitiable and inspiring?  (1 Cor. 15:19, 1 Cor. 15:30-32)

3. Is God increasing your faith your number one priority?

You can listen to the sermon here. And see the sermon notes here.