Feels Like Home – Lori Reil’s Story

During the Sunday service, we got to hear Lori’s story.

The way that God grabbed hold of Lori in the past six months is so encouraging. It’s such a testimony to how the Lord continues to pursue us, even when we push Him away and try to do things on our own. What made me smile even more was to hear how Lori has found a home and family at High Point Church. Praise God for how He’s working in this congregation.

Watch and be encouraged and reminded of God’s great love and the Holy Spirit’s ability to change any person.

Her story doesn’t stop here, either. Recently, she felt led to make amends and try to reconcile relationships in her life. When she felt that nudge to go to Montana and connect with her family – she chose not to ignore it, gave up her vacation with girlfriends and hopped on a plane.

While she was somewhat nervous, wondering if her daughter would even talk to her, God is faithful. He worked miracles on that trip and started the healing process between Lori and her daughter. Don’t be afraid to ask Lori more of the story. You’ll see her face light up with joy because of the work God is doing in her life.

It’s stories like these that remind me of why I’m living to follow Jesus. He is the God of Redemption, Reconciliation and Healing.

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