There was an aroma of lime, garlic and spices if you were in the church on Saturday, November 2.   Fourteen ladies and two guys manned the spatulas, knives, and pans to make Crockpot Chipotle Lime Chicken, Italian Medallions, Chicken Garlic Mushrooms with Alfredo Pasta, Chicken and Rice Bake, and Hearty Italian Meatloaf.  The Congregational Care Ministry will use these meals to bless our HPC families who are unable to prepare their own meals, while recovering from illness, surgery or a recent birth.

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Jean Freeman & Ronelle Harms 11.2.13

Special thanks to Jean Freeman who spearheaded the event, gathered supplies and coordinated volunteers, and to Ronelle Harms who supervised the preparation of the food.  BIG THANK YOUs to our volunteers, who generously gave their time and cooking talents:  Marcia Barr, Carol Boe, Jenny Boese, Moya Elegdede, Nancy Fonzen, Jody Grulke, Sandi Herron, Kelly Jordan, Lynn Rawhauser, Steve, Rebecca and Timothy Schmidt, and Dottie Wanak.  Additional thanks to Dan and Jill Pearce, who provided several pounds of ground beef; Ronelle Harms, who donated Wild Tree spices; Ruth Ann Ebsen, who provided sugar cookies, and Nancy Miller, who provided cookie dough.  To those who provided monetary gifts, thank you as well.

Depending on need, there may be another Cook-A-Thon after the first of the year.  The recipes will focus on soups and stews.  Watch for postings!

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