Isaiah 42 and The Bruised Reed

This morning I talked about some follow-up things for Isaiah 42. (Hear the sermon from this morning here.)

Perhaps the most famous Christian reading that takes up the topic of the bruised Reed is a book by that name- The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbs (1577-1635). You can find a good summary article on the content of the book here. You can find a free PDF copy of the book here. The whole book is only 69 pages. If you like it, most of his complete works are here.

Banner of truth publishing has published a Kindle version with some updated language. There are a few words in 17th century English that can puzzle you a little bit- and this version makes that a little easier. But reading 17th century theology is about a 70 page investment – once you’ve read that much you’ve pretty much picked up on the different ways they use certain words.

That century was one of the high water marks of Western theology – and the Puritan theologians from that century are among the best the Western church has to offer anyone even today. Don’t let people’s bigotry against the Puritans keep you from one of the greatest treasure trove’s of Christian theology and encouragement. Sibbs  is one of the most accessible,  John Owen is my favorite,  and Jonathan Edwards is also incredibly nourishing.

eric_alexander.jpgFor a more complete sermon on Isaiah 42:1 – 9, I’d recommend this one by Eric Alexander, especially if you like a good Scottish brogue. He takes more time and covers the passage more thoroughly than I had time to this morning. And he’ll reinforce the main points- since I took some of mine from his accurate outline.

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