Job: Supplemental

To go along with the limited time I’m spending on Job right now – just one sermon. Let me add a few things that can help you look a little deeper. First, John Piper did a book that is essentially a poll on telling the life story of Job. Desiring God ministries turned it into an animated art film that is on iTunes and you can rent or buy here. Piper’s biblical poetry is amazingly good. His hour and 20 minute sermon is here. Oh – that’s just part one. The second part is here. Connected to missions and suffering is this talk “Purpose driven death.” Piper has thought a lot about how suffering relates to the sovereignty of God – and how all suffering has a relation to God’s good purposes. He’s neither flippant with human suffering nor the doctrine of God’s rule over all things.

Keller’s first sermon in their series on Job can be found here. You can listen to it directly here.

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