A High Point How-To // Invite Someone to Easter

So you want to invite someone to Easter at High Point? Great! Here are some simple guidelines to help make your friend or family member’s experience uplifting and free from any intimidation they may feel towards going to church.

STEP 1: Ask them about their Easter plans and invite them to church

You’d be surprised how many people don’t have family in the area or friends to spend the holiday with. Even if they already have plans, asking about them shows that you care. Pick up some invite cards in the High Point lobby or get more Easter information on High Point’s website.

STEP 2: Calm their nerves about coming to church

1. Bring them with you and ask what time you can pick them up.

Even if they meet you in the lobby, coming alone to church can be intimidating. Take away the awkward feeling of entering a new place alone by walking in to church with them.

If they don’t want a ride and prefer to meet at High Point, give them a specific location where you’ll meet them that is easy for them to find. (The coffee station in the welcome center is a great spot.)

2. Assure them that you won’t be at church forever.

The service is scheduled to be one hour, so you can tell your friend that you’ll be there for about an hour and a half. 

3. Let them know what they will experience. 

If you know what to expect, you’re not taken by surprise when you experience your expectation. Be upfront with your friend about what a service is like at High Point. You may say something like:

    • We’ll walk in, people will be there to greet us, and there will be coffee in the welcome cafe.
    • We’ll go into the sanctuary, find a seat and then the service will start with worship music. There is a live band that leads the songs with the words projected on screens. Don’t worry – you don’t need to know any words or sayings beforehand.
    • Then there will be an offering time where we pass a plate. You don’t need to give anything. Our pastor always reminds everyone that the offering isn’t for guests – it’s an opportunity for people who call High Point their home church to worship God by joyfully giving what they want to give.
    • Our lead pastor will give a short sermon about the resurrection of Jesus and how God makes things alive again, which will be interesting and encouraging.
    • Before the service ends, we usually sing one more song to worship God.

4. Invite them to breakfast before church or lunch after church 

Spend the morning or afternoon with your friend. You’ll get a chance to discuss their thoughts on the service, but you’ll build your relationship and have a fun holiday experience.
Need some talking points?

    • Talk about favorite Easter memories
    • Share Easter traditions
    • Ask about their family
    • Ask about their past church experiences

5. Tell them there is a welcome gift for them 

There will be a small gift for new guests, so be sure to bring your friend to the welcome center before you leave to pick up a baked good and a CD loaded with some of Nic’s sermons from the Wisdom series.

STEP 3: Know the Details


  • April 20 | 9am & 10:45am
  • KIDS PROGRAMMING | Nursery through Fifth Grade | 9am & 10:45am
  • STUDENT PROGRAMMING | Middle and High School Students | 9am only

If your friend has questions about HPC, visit the INFO COUNTER. There are great resources and people who can get you the answers you’re looking for.


  • GET CONNECTED | Sunday, April 27 after services | This first step for new guests allows them to meet High Point people and get basic info about our church.
  • EXPLORE | Wednesday, May 7, 6:30pm at Pastor Nic and Alexi Gibson’s house | At Explore, people get to know the identity of High Point Church and can decide if High Point is the church for them.

STEP 4: Be sincere and have fun

Your friend is going to encounter God in some way Easter morning because you will be with them, and God promises his disciples that He is with you. One of the best ways you can love your friend is by being sincere.

Be sincere in your care for them by listening to their story and getting to know them better.

Be sincere in your hospitality towards them by introducing them to others at High Point and inviting them into your life, not just into one service.

Be sincere in helping them connect with God by being willing to let the Holy Spirit work through you.

If you’re nervous about bringing a friend, or this is the first time you’re stepping out to invite someone to church, remember to have fun. God does the heavy lifting, you just get to be a part of what He is doing. Easter is all about celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, so celebrate with joy, gratitude, love and excitement, and bring your friend along for the ride.

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