Applying the Gospel to Everything

Yesterday, Nic wrapped up a series we’ve been in for more than a year and a half. We’ve been looking through the Old Testament and finding Jesus on every page, just like He said we would. We’ve been looking at the Gospel through the Bible.

Nic wanted to show how we can take everything we’ve talked about and learned for the past several months and continue to apply it to the Bible as we go forward and be able to apply it to our lives. This worksheet can help you think through the Gospel and how it applies in every situation, in every Bible verse, in every emotion, in everything so that we let Jesus work through us and God be glorified.

apply-gospel3 PDF VERSION of Applying The Gospel To Everything

As we go through the worksheet above, we may realize there are a few different options that could be in God’s will and could look like we’re following God. So what do we do? Which one do we choose? Here are some helpful questions to ask when you’re trying to figure out what God’s will(s) are for your life and in different situations.

Find-Gods-Will PDF VERSION of Finding God’s Will

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