A Note from Nic about Blueprint

Well, summer is coming to an end. The only thing that is comforting in light of that realization is the fact that the fall is also a beautiful time in Wisconsin, especially if you love hiking, hunting, picking apples, football, winter squash, walleye fishing, and a bunch of other things I’m sure.

Things are pretty exciting here at HPC. We just got in the copies of the book BLUEPRINT  in the office last week. I really believe the six weeks of the fall series are going to be great. Let me put in writing exactly why we’re doing this and what it’s meant to accomplish:

  1. We want everybody who is part of High Point Church to know in the most clear and uncluttered possible terms what it looks like to be a fully functioning Christian. We want every person to have a holistic picture of what a Christian is, without it being complicated and cluttered in a way that paralyzes people rather than motivates them.
  2. We want people to come to Christ. I’ve asked you to pray for two people you could invite to the BLUEPRINT series. This series will be perfect for people who either aren’t Christians and know it OR who may be self-declared Christians, but perhaps are confused about what that truly means. The BLUEPRINT series should be enormously clarifying for them and it will give them an opportunity to accept Christ numerous times based on multiple explanations, illustrations, and Bible passages.
  3. We want to get everyone ministering together at High Point. To be a volunteer-driven church that is highly effective, everyone needs to be on the same page. We need to know what we’re doing and what we’re not doing. We need to know what has the priority and what is most aligned with our central mission. BLUEPRINT will help us do this. Every ministry and every Christian will understand how they fit into the bigger picture of a highly effective church that is unstuck and uncluttered.
  4. We want to function from a similar theology, and be able to explain it to others. The explanations of theology in BLUEPRINT will help us have a common language in ministry that is gospel-centered and doctrinally faithful, but sounds less religious.
  5. We want to create a resource that any of us could take a new person through. What if we had a discipleship tool that helped people come to Christ, grow in Christ, and become a functioning and contributing member to the Church, specifically to High Point Church? Well, hopefully now we do. That’s what BLUEPRINT is designed to be.

Because of the importance of the series, we’ve asked everyone to do four things…

  1. Come to church six weeks in a row. Don’t miss any of the Sundays.
  2. Get the book and read it. If you can afford it, we will get you one, just let us know. It’s $7 in the HPC lobby, otherwise you can pick it up on Createspace or Amazon. There is a Kindle version if you’d like to have it on your mobile device. We will also have an audio version for those who prefer to listen (available by September 14).
  3. Join a six-week small group to discuss it if you are not already in a small group. We will ask you if you want to stay longer at the end of the six weeks, but there’s no obligation to do so. We know that some will and some won’t. Contact us today to sign up if you haven’t.
  4. Participate with that small group in the service project.

Ok, well maybe it’s more like seven things. Here are the other three things we’ve said a few times:

  1. Pray for and invite at least two people to BLUEPRINT.
  2. Help us market BLUEPRINT by speaking positively about it.  Share what you’re excited about, what you’re hoping to learn, or how you’re hoping to grow.
  3. Pray for BLUEPRINT. Pray that God uses this fall to lead people to faith and change how people think and feel about their faith. Pray that God uses it to get many lives unstuck and uncluttered. Pray that God uses it for freedom. Pray that God will use it to transform the power and effectiveness of His Church.

I know for some people these will not all be possible. If you go to Door County for a weekend and enjoy the fall, that’s okay. But you can still listen to the sermon as soon as it goes online or before your small group so you can discuss it. If you have trouble reading every day, download the audiobook and listen. Or go to the 9am or 10:45am Sunday Class that will be going over the book material each week.

The point is, don’t look at full participation as all or nothing. Shoot for full participation, but don’t be afraid to just do whatever you can do. Remember, BLUEPRINT, like the gospel that the whole series is focused on, isn’t a religious duty you have to do to be good. BLUEPRINT is something were doing for our own good so that we can know God better, help others know him better, and be more effective in fulfilling his mission in Madison and beyond.

I’ve poured more than three months into writing this book, while still doing most of the rest of my duties here at High Point Church. I did it because I know it will be worth it. I can’t wait to go through this with all of you.

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