Year End Gift Helps Missionary Purchase SUV

High Point Church’s Year End gift continues to impact the lives of many across the globe, and the mission work of Martires Olivero in the Dominican Republic is some of the latest to fall in that category.

Part of HPC’s gift was sent to Martires for the purchase of an SUV for better travel within his ministry to get from community to community (especially for when it rained and the roads were flooded) and for traveling with hosts churches when they came to help from the US.

Martires and his family with the SUV that they were able to purchase with the Year End gift from High Point Church.
Martires and his family with the SUV that they were able to purchase with the money they received from High Point Church’s Year End gift.

“This gift has helped me to get a vehicle that will help me to do a better job in the communities,” he said. “I often have missionaries staying with me and my family and I had to rent a taxi because we could not fit in my red corolla. But now my family has more space and will be able to use the SUV for my ministry, too.”

Martires’ ministry is called Hands of Hope and their work in the D.R. focuses on showing God’s love through compassion and providing a solution for problems people cannot solve themselves. Through this, the key part is bringing them the gospel through action so that they will come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Last year, two teams came down to assist Martires in ministry; this year, already six teams are on their team calendar. High Point Church will be sending people with Crossroads Church in Madison in July. The first team will be there from July 14-21 and the second team made up of students, will go from July 21-28.

“We are solving serious problems in the communities we currently work,” Martires said. “People see that there’s still hope because the work that God is doing through us. We know that God will make the transformation.”

Martires' new car to use for ministry throughout the Dominican Republic.
Martires’ new car to use for ministry throughout the Dominican Republic.

Because of the generosity at HPC, Martires is able to give more of himself to others. He is greatly thankful for the gifts that helped to meet their need in ministry.

If you’d like to give to the Global Missions Discretionary Fund to support projects like this, our missionaries’ immediate needs, or opportunities to partner with global organizations to advance the gospel, you can designate your giving on the tithe envelope in the pews at church or donate online and mark your gift for this fund.

Learn more about High Point Church’s partnership in the DR here.

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