Madison School of Leadership

Pastor Glenn Smith (of Metro Believers Church) is teaching a nine-week course on leadership. You are invited to participate at a reduced rate, and we highly encourage anyone from High Point to attend who is interested in growing not simply in the ability to lead, but in the ability to serve.

What: Madison School of Leadership
When: Thursdays from 7pm – 9pm, September 24th – November 19th (nine weeks)
Where: High Point Church (7702 Old Sauk Road)
Who: Taught by Glenn Smith, pastor of Metro Believers Church in Madison
Reduced rate for High Point Church members and attenders: $35 / spouse $17.50
(General cost: $50 / spouse $25)

To register or find more information, visit

* no childcare provided

Why Pastor Glenn?

Glenn Smith has over 35 years of experience as a pastor and leader, and has also taught many others the skills to effectively lead others. He has a passion for developing quality leaders to serve the local church. He is a certified teacher with John Maxwell’s Equip, and uses their curriculum for the course.

Why bother?

This is a great opportunity to sharpen your skills as a leader and shepherd of others. Whether you consider yourself a leader or not, the skills and principles taught in this course will serve you well at any age and area of work. Whether you work in a ministry setting, in the corporate or business world, or in your own home, developing your understanding and practice of prayer as well as your ability to envision and execute visions, work with and manage people, communicate, and persevere is never a wasted investment.

As High Point Church continues to make disciples in Madison and grow in maturity and faithfulness, we will have great need for wise, skilled leaders. This course is an opportunity for you to grow in your capacity to serve God through the local church.

The course will be taught in two semesters covering unique materials. The course registration covers the Fall semester only. The Spring semester will run from Thursday, February 11th to Thursday, April 7th.

Topics for the Fall semester include:
– Why and How God Calls Us to Lead
– Developing qualities that set leaders apart
– Capturing and implementing a God-given vision
– Making the most of your time
– The vital role of relationships in leadership
– Mentoring future leaders
– Improving your communication skills by imitating the Master
– Handing difficult people and situations
– Developing the qualities of a servant leader

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