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On Things Above


The normal assumption in secular culture is that the more heavenly minded a person is, the less earthly good they are. People assume that spiritual people are detached, impractical, and increasingly out of step with real life and the needs of the real world. They have always thought that, but have always been wrong. Jesus brought the purposes of heaven to earth, and in Colossians we learn why and how being of real earthly good requires us to be more heavenly minded, not less.

Join us on Sunday mornings starting June 29 going through Colossians, focusing On Things Above.

In addition to understanding Colossians, as our pastors, Nic and Lloyd, preach, they will model how to read an epistle (the letters in the New Testament) on your own.

Opened Eyes to Wisdom, Doubt, and Cynicism

By Lindsay Armstrong

Last Sunday’s sermon on Job impacted me, and I wanted to share and reflect upon the impact the sermon had on my perception of God, the world, and my own life. This was a humbling sermon, and it lifted a veil of darkness from my eyes and helped me to see more clearly what has been happening to me.

When I went to college, I had a strong faith in God that I thought could never be shaken. I learned to depend upon God early on in life. I experienced the closeness of his presence regularly during my quiet times. During those times, I would close the door to my bedroom, lay down on the floor or kneel by my bed, close my eyes, and let God talk to me through his word and through journaling.

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“Life Plans” – Sermon Reflection

On Sunday, September 8, our Lead Pastor, Nic talked about embracing God’s will for our lives, whether we were on plan A, B, X, or far past the twenty-six letters of the alphabet. With each new plan comes new terms, but the same goal of following God in that plan. How do we know what God’s plan is for our lives and if we are living out His plan or our own?

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