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Vision & Plan – Questions to work through

Vision & Plan - Questions to work through

On May 12 and 19, Nic Gibson, our Preaching Pastor, gave us all something to think about in terms of how God views His Church and how we are a part of what He’s doing.
This was a handout that people got to walk through while Nic was giving his sermon on May 19.

Have you thought about the questions yet? What is God revealing to you?

If you missed the sermons – catch up here!

Resurrection Reflection – Small Group Questions

At the end of Pastor Nic’s sermon on Sunday – he asked a few small questions. But your answers may not have small implications.

1. Is your faith a fall-back faith?

To get a little more specific on that one think about these: Have you retired from spiritual investment? Does spiritual investment or earthly consumption win out in your life? Do you have trouble investing spiritually when there’s not result?

2. Is your life pitiable and inspiring?  (1 Cor. 15:19, 1 Cor. 15:30-32)

3. Is God increasing your faith your number one priority?

You can listen to the sermon here. And see the sermon notes here.