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Why Doctrine Matters: Examining our Constitution

I’ve heard so many people say over the years, “Doctrine is not what’s important.” And what’s that classic bumper sticker? “My karma ran over your dogma.” Isn’t that cute? But of course, both of those statements are dogmas. The first statement is making a truth claim about the value of truth claims. It is no less doctrinaire than saying, “Doctrine is the only thing that’s important.” The bumper sticker’s statement is just a thinly disguised claim that Hinduism is better than Christianity. I can’t think of anything more dogmatic than that.

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July Baptisms

The baptism celebration last week was one that is not easily forgotten. During the celebration people munched on food, socialized, and enjoyed the fleeting sunshine.

As the baptisms began, everyone crowded the hill to watch their friends and family take this next step in their walk of faith. Each person shared their personal story of God’s grace in their life. Many of the stories had vulnerable depth and honest raw emotion, which brought tears to the eyes of some. Then it was time to be dunked.

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