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Questions on Persecution: Is Persecution a Good Thing?

Persecution as Normal: After Acts

Currently at High Point, we are looking at the beginning of the book of Acts to understand what the “normal” Christian life is. This past Sunday, Nic gave us much food for thought on the subject of persecution. We looked at how persecution is part of the “new normal” for anyone who has accepted Jesus as their rescuer and undisputed ruler. We don’t need to look far to find evidence of this. Acts is filled with examples of persecution and abuse directed toward believers because they were faithful to speak out about the truth about Jesus.

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Overwhelmed by God’s Provision

For those of you who do not know Dennis and Ellen Hierl and their daughter Brooklyn, they are a family that are a part of High Point Church. You may recognize the names from the Sunday morning prayer requests asking you to pray for healing for Dennis from a brain tumor. It’s been quite the journey for them – but as anyone will see when you read their blog, they are trusting the Lord through it all and depending on Him each step of the way. We wanted to share the most recent ways this family saw God provide in their lives and what He’s been teaching them most recently. 

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Is God Testing Me?

I’ve had a number of conversations recently with people asking why they are going through something. On some level many believe it’s a test. However, tests are actions for omniscient beings. Why would God give a painful test to find out an answer he already knows?

See if this explanation helps.The Sacrifice of Isaac by Marc Chagall

Some tests are merely exercises to find out how much we know – or perhaps who we are. However, some tests – those we have often called trials – are tests that actually make us into something rather than just reveal what we already are. That is, we become something in the test – it forces a choice and therefore a definition of identity and character.

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