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Breaking Down the Durable Division

by Lloyd Biddle, Executive Pastor of Development

Tuesday evening, when I left the church for the day, despite my desperate attempts to jump the battery, my car would not start. I called our facilities manager, Tom Brogan, on Wednesday morning when I knew he would be on his way to work. He has a powerful jump starter battery pack that he uses to help people like me when their car batteries die on church grounds. If you didn’t know already, Tom is a very helpful guy.

I arrived at the church and saw Craig Fonzen and his men’s small group meeting as they do faithfully every Wednesday morning. They were in the middle of a discussion on Nic’s May 24th sermon based on Acts 6:1-7 in which he preached that “gospel ordinary isn’t typical humanity” when it comes to dealing with issues of ethnicity, race and culture.

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What Is Stopping You?

At High Point, if you’ve been listening, you’ve been hearing that we need to be engaged in living a life that “goes to dark places,” that gets out and uses the opportunities that God is giving us to make a difference with the Gospel.

But, just as important as hearing the positive message is facing the negative one: Why don’t I?

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Living sent…In community

A couple of weeks ago, Eric Hesse preached on living sent. He talked about Jesus’ instructions and his practice of going to dark places and shining the light of the gospel. One of the metaphors that Eric used was the light department at Menards. His point was that lights were meant to light dark places, not sit next to each other and contribute nothing to an already lit place. Lights aren’t for huddling any more than they are for covering.

However, many Christians have also heard another story about light. The story is about a gentleman who had stopped going to church, and his pastor paid him a visit in the evening.

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How a Church is Judged

Rick Warren once said, “The church is judged by its sending capacity, not its seating capacity.” That statement rings true and really impacted me.

“Sending capacity” means what the church can be mobilized to go and do, rather than what people will naturally come and see.

Over the last few months, we have begun to expand our sending obligations, the partnerships through which we want to affect the city and the church.

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Dinner Club – Greg Wahlberg’s Story

After being a part of what God was doing on in the lives of students on a college campus, Greg was ready to jump head first into ministry in the workplace. But there are some serious differences between the two. It wasn’t long before Greg caught on to the differences and the difficulties of ministry in the workforce and he grew discouraged.

A year passed of not seeing much spiritually happen. Then one night, he went to dinner with some friends. A simple, somewhat normal type of event. They had fun and decided to go out again the next week. And the next week. And the next… well, you get the point.

With that, God began to show Greg how He wanted to use him among his colleagues and bring life change in Jesus’ name to the group.

Five Purposes and Practices of small groups: 5. SERVICE

In the last few posts I’ve discussed the five purposes of small groups at High Point church. Our vision for small groups is for them to be Christ centered, transformational communities. The five purposes and practices of small groups are designed to build these communities.

To review, the 5 purposes are:
1. Community
2. Spiritual growth
3. Prayer
4. Supporting mission
5. Service

In this post I want to discuss purpose #5:  Service.

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