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Working for Unity: Prudential Wisdom

In my sermon this morning, I spent some time talking about how unity produces buoyancy for faith in the church community. Unity provides the structural integrity to the vessel of the church that carries people and supports them in their faith in Christ. The Bible absolutely claims that we should seek purity in the faith, both doctrinally and in terms of morality. But it also claims that we should seek unity as passionately as we seek purity.

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Living sent…In community

A couple of weeks ago, Eric Hesse preached on living sent. He talked about Jesus’ instructions and his practice of going to dark places and shining the light of the gospel. One of the metaphors that Eric used was the light department at Menards. His point was that lights were meant to light dark places, not sit next to each other and contribute nothing to an already lit place. Lights aren’t for huddling any more than they are for covering.

However, many Christians have also heard another story about light. The story is about a gentleman who had stopped going to church, and his pastor paid him a visit in the evening.

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How a Church is Judged

Rick Warren once said, “The church is judged by its sending capacity, not its seating capacity.” That statement rings true and really impacted me.

“Sending capacity” means what the church can be mobilized to go and do, rather than what people will naturally come and see.

Over the last few months, we have begun to expand our sending obligations, the partnerships through which we want to affect the city and the church.

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Why should I care about the church?

For those of you who would like to hear my talks on the church that I did at Bryan College last week, here they are.

Talk 1: My story and the main challenge
Talk 2: What is the identity of the church?
Talk 3: What is the mission of the church?
Talk 4: Why do you need the church more than you think?
Talk 5: How should you engage with the church as a young adult?

If you’re wondering why you would want to be part of the church, or if someone has asked you that question – this might be a helpful resource.

Vision & Plan – Questions to work through

Vision & Plan - Questions to work through

On May 12 and 19, Nic Gibson, our Preaching Pastor, gave us all something to think about in terms of how God views His Church and how we are a part of what He’s doing.
This was a handout that people got to walk through while Nic was giving his sermon on May 19.

Have you thought about the questions yet? What is God revealing to you?

If you missed the sermons – catch up here!

The Gospel For All Nations

High Point Church has always been a missions church. We have never been afraid to believe the gospel is for all people. And there have always been people within our movements who have risen up to answer the call to foreign fields. High Point is just over 50 years old, and over 50 years global missions has changed a lot. Very few new missionaries hear what John Paton (sailed from Scotland to the New Hebrides April 16, 1858) was told, “You will be eaten by Cannibals!” (He almost was.) Missions looks a lot different, even though we are often doing many of the same things we have always done. We are translating the Bible into new tongues. We are helping people and economic squalor apply basic technologies for better lives. We are teaching indigenous missionaries to preach the gospel. We are sending Western missionaries into countries with no indigenous witness – especially in Muslim lands.

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