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Helpful Reads: Psalm 110

Here are two helpful Internet sources I came across in my research for Psalm 110. They are clear and good summaries.

A messianic Jewish article explaining the meaning of Psalm 110.

An article about Jesus’s identity – what did Jesus think about the Messiah being the son of David?

Both of these are short and take into account important things related to seeing Psalm 110 in a Jewish/Hebrew perspective in order to see it properly in reference to its fulfillment in Christ.

For Small Group Discussion: Psalm 51 Part II Sermon Content Highlights

You might start small group discussions by simply asking, “What did anybody find helpful, confusing or enlightening from the teaching on Sunday?” For many small groups this will be enough to get things going and keep things going. When things slow down, then turning to the Scripture passage itself and working through it will usually more than fill the rest of the time you have for discussion that is, if you are taking time to do the other four purposes of small groups: community, missionary support, substantive prayer, organized service.

In case your discussion needs a little stimulation here are some things from the sermon you could bring up:

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The Purpose of Poetry: What are The Arts for?

A portion of Makoto Fujimura's "In the Beginning"
A portion of Makoto Fujimura’s “In the Beginning”

The Bible has a songbook right smack in the middle of it. It’s called the Psalms. With 150 songs, it stands as the longest book of the Bible. Psalm 119 is the longest chapter of the Bible. Why is this songbook there?

There is another book that is entirely a song. It’s called the Song of Songs. This song isn’t even about God. It’s about romance and marriage between some newly married couple who apparently really like each other and have a very steamy relationship.

Even the book of Proverbs is mostly written in parallelism-style poetry. And if you go back to the book of Exodus, the first people explicitly filled with the Spirit of God are the artists that God commissions to create the pieces of art to be used in worship in God’s tabernacle.

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Tim Keller’s Sermons on the Psalms

Monergism.com is an incredibly great place to find all kinds of study resources. It’s one of the websites I frequent most.

Monergism refers to the reformed or Calvinist doctrine that salvation is the single action of God. God saves us, rather than a combination of the will of God and the will of human beings. That is referred to as “synergism.” So anyway, this is a website produced and overseen by reformed or Calvinistic Christians. However, even if you don’t like that, there are still some killer resources on here. Continue reading Tim Keller’s Sermons on the Psalms