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Tim Keller’s Sermons on the Psalms

Monergism.com is an incredibly great place to find all kinds of study resources. It’s one of the websites I frequent most.

Monergism refers to the reformed or Calvinist doctrine that salvation is the single action of God. God saves us, rather than a combination of the will of God and the will of human beings. That is referred to as “synergism.” So anyway, this is a website produced and overseen by reformed or Calvinistic Christians. However, even if you don’t like that, there are still some killer resources on here. Continue reading Tim Keller’s Sermons on the Psalms

Resources to Understand the Nature of Scripture

old bible

As we prepare to help people grow in their understanding of Scripture, at some point those we teach have questions not only about the content of the Bible but also how the Bible came to be.  Thankfully there are plenty of resources on this subject, and Desiring God has compiled a list of books they recommend in these three categories:

  1. The formation of the canon (how it was decided which books are included in the Bible)
  2. The reliability of the New Testament
  3. Refuting the claims of some recent critics

Continue reading Resources to Understand the Nature of Scripture