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Pastoral Letter Extended: Is this a big deal?

Anyone who has joined us for a Sunday morning when I preached will probably not be surprised to know that there is much more that I would like to have said on the subjects covered in my recent pastoral letter than time or space allowed. Given how complicated each piece is, I’d like to give a little more attention to each of the eight major points I discussed by expounding  them in a series of blog posts. This is the first in that series.

If you haven’t seen or would like to revisit the original sermon or summary blog post, you can find them here:
Sermon video and blog post

We fear what this decision may signal about coming days.

Both inside and outside the Church, some people wonder why others think that the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage is a big deal. While many people will have different answers to that question, I suggest that it signals three concerning things. Continue reading Pastoral Letter Extended: Is this a big deal?

A Pastoral Letter

To High Point Church in light of current events:

The majority of the New Testament books are pastoral letters written from a pastoral leader to a particular local church or churches with the intent of guiding them in how to think, feel and behave in reference to particular events of their day. While we normally teach from those letters, there is within the Church an important tradition of pastors from every generation following in that model of pastoral letters and speaking directly to their congregations in significant moments relevant to modern Christian life. As a pastor, I consider it my duty to help us reflect Christianly on the moment in which we live.

My letter this week is mainly in reference to the US Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, though it is also relevant more generally to other recent events. This letter revisits much of my sermon from Sunday, June 28th. To hear that message, follow this link.

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The Church + Society (series resources)

This post is full of resources to help you look further into the topic of the Church and Society and for you to know what sources I’m using besides the Bible, thinking, conversation, prayer, and the personal disciplines. You can see my reading list below the list of resources. Feel free to comment on the series, the topic and offer your recommendations below.

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