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Pastoral Letter Extended 5: Why no one’s listening

This is the fifth of a series of posts expanding on my Pastoral Letter post based on my sermon from June 28th.

5. We have lost our moral authority. How did we lose it, and how can we regain it?

We could talk cultural apologetics and offer up the most rhetorically excellent, logically flawless arguments imaginable in favor of the gospel message, but few would care to listen long enough to understand what we’re saying, let alone be persuaded by it. They don’t care because, in their minds, our understanding of the fundamental nature of human society is completely defunct in moral authority. They’re not listening. Continue reading Pastoral Letter Extended 5: Why no one’s listening

Are we responsible “to” people or “for” people?

Are we responsible to people or for people?


I got an email a couple weeks ago talking about how we can’t be responsible FOR people- only TO people. The point was that we can’t make people do things. We can only serve them, help them do what’s best for themselves, and give them opportunities to do what God wants from and for them.

I agree. We shouldn’t be enablers.

Yet, I also disagree. Dare we ask, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” as Cain did? If we are going to say we are not responsible for people, we better clarify our distinction between the KINDS of being responsible for people.

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