Get the Blueprint Book

Looking for a copy of Blueprint? There are several ways you can purchase one for yourself:

  1. Pick up at High Point Church – $7
    Books will be available at High Point Church starting Sunday, August 31 in the lobby.  If the mail brings them early, we’ll have them in the lobby on August 24. However, the estimated delivery date is August 27.
  2. Order online at CreateSpace – $9 + shipping and tax
    This is where we published the book. If you have an account and purchase through CreateSpace, High Point gets more of the profit than we do with However, if this option doesn’t work for you, then don’t worry about it.
  3. Order online at – $9 + shipping and tax
    If you have Amazon Prime, you can get free shipping. Also, when you order from Amazon, be sure to order through the Amazon Smile program which gives benefits to the church! All you need to do is click here first, and then do your normal shopping on Amazon.
  4. Get it on Kindle – $1.99
    Read the book on any of your mobile devices that have the Kindle App.
  5. The Audio Book available for free download here or soon as a free subscription to iTunes podcast. CDs are available at High Point Church for $5.

5 thoughts on “Get the Blueprint Book”

  1. I am looking forward to the audio version so that I can listen in the car.
    We are eager to learn how to share the good news and better manage our fears.

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