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Opened Eyes to Wisdom, Doubt, and Cynicism

By Lindsay Armstrong

Last Sunday’s sermon on Job impacted me, and I wanted to share and reflect upon the impact the sermon had on my perception of God, the world, and my own life. This was a humbling sermon, and it lifted a veil of darkness from my eyes and helped me to see more clearly what has been happening to me.

When I went to college, I had a strong faith in God that I thought could never be shaken. I learned to depend upon God early on in life. I experienced the closeness of his presence regularly during my quiet times. During those times, I would close the door to my bedroom, lay down on the floor or kneel by my bed, close my eyes, and let God talk to me through his word and through journaling.

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The Power of a Redemptive Analogy

In his popular book Peace Child, Don Richardson describes his experiences with the Sawi people of Papua New Guinea. At the time, this group was constantly at war with two neighboring tribes. When Don and his family decided they would need to leave because of the constant warring, the Sawi people and their enemy tribes came together to make peace. Continue reading The Power of a Redemptive Analogy

July Baptisms

The baptism celebration last week was one that is not easily forgotten. During the celebration people munched on food, socialized, and enjoyed the fleeting sunshine.

As the baptisms began, everyone crowded the hill to watch their friends and family take this next step in their walk of faith. Each person shared their personal story of God’s grace in their life. Many of the stories had vulnerable depth and honest raw emotion, which brought tears to the eyes of some. Then it was time to be dunked.

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Dinner Club – Greg Wahlberg’s Story

After being a part of what God was doing on in the lives of students on a college campus, Greg was ready to jump head first into ministry in the workplace. But there are some serious differences between the two. It wasn’t long before Greg caught on to the differences and the difficulties of ministry in the workforce and he grew discouraged.

A year passed of not seeing much spiritually happen. Then one night, he went to dinner with some friends. A simple, somewhat normal type of event. They had fun and decided to go out again the next week. And the next week. And the next… well, you get the point.

With that, God began to show Greg how He wanted to use him among his colleagues and bring life change in Jesus’ name to the group.

Feels Like Home – Lori Reil’s Story

During the Sunday service, we got to hear Lori’s story.

The way that God grabbed hold of Lori in the past six months is so encouraging. It’s such a testimony to how the Lord continues to pursue us, even when we push Him away and try to do things on our own. What made me smile even more was to hear how Lori has found a home and family at High Point Church. Praise God for how He’s working in this congregation.

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