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Gendercide: How do we respond?

Because of gendercide, 200 million girls are missing in the world today. To put that in perspective, that is more than all of the deaths of World War I and II combined. Evan Grae Davis explains more about the reality (and the horror) of gendercide in his TEDxGateway talk, The Three Deadliest Words In The World – “It’s A Girl”.

How should we think about such news? I have been following this issue for years. Gendercide both dwarfs and produces the issue of sex trafficking that many, especially younger Christians, are so exercised about. Yet it seems many do not want to touch it because it would require going to moral war over the practice of abortion. It will require more than awareness. It will require a new moral vision rooted in the Judeo-Christian assertion of the image of God and our insistence on the intrinsic human worth that flows from its dogma.

Consider the following reality in the moral fight over gendercide:

If it is morally permissible to kill an “unwanted” human if you chose, then it follows you can kill an “unwanted” girl human if you chose. So long as we think we can chose to deliberately take the life of innocent humans, then we have no formal or practical moral authority to say that certain version of that taking must not be done. If innocence and humanity are not sufficient reasons to protect a life, then gender will not be either. So long as Western peoples are strong advocates for abortion and choice that is morally unfettered, we will never have the moral authority to deride people for how they use their unfettered choice in their use of abortion.

Because I am a Christian, I believe that humans are made in God’s image and cannot be killed apart from certain and life-forfeiting guilt. Therefore, I know abortion of an innocent image-bearing human is morally unconscionable. Therefore, all non-lifesaving abortion is wrong. Therefore, since aborting humans is wrong, aborting a girl is wrong.

We need a consistent moral vision.


The moral force to stand against the power structures of our preferences, pride, and fear requires a moral vision of real solidity. Western secularism cannot produce such a consistent moral vision — only expressed moral outrage. This weakness can be seen in the clip the speaker showed. That kind of rhetoric will not arrest the hearts of people, cut them to the heart, and birth (pun intended) a culture of life that has the capacity to stand against the ingrained preferences and their attending power structures.

This is just one example of how Christian faith is literally the hope of the secular world and utterly unique among human beings. Do not let people bully you into thinking that Christ and his way is something of the past. It is the most scientific and advanced thing on the planet because it is true. If we look to Christ, we will increasingly find the courage to believe him and to follow him in the secular city and the global village.

Madison School of Leadership

Pastor Glenn Smith (of Metro Believers Church) is teaching a nine-week course on leadership. You are invited to participate at a reduced rate, and we highly encourage anyone from High Point to attend who is interested in growing not simply in the ability to lead, but in the ability to serve.

What: Madison School of Leadership
When: Thursdays from 7pm – 9pm, September 24th – November 19th (nine weeks)
Where: High Point Church (7702 Old Sauk Road)
Who: Taught by Glenn Smith, pastor of Metro Believers Church in Madison
Reduced rate for High Point Church members and attenders: $35 / spouse $17.50
(General cost: $50 / spouse $25)

To register or find more information, visit

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Breaking Down the Durable Division

by Lloyd Biddle, Executive Pastor of Development

Tuesday evening, when I left the church for the day, despite my desperate attempts to jump the battery, my car would not start. I called our facilities manager, Tom Brogan, on Wednesday morning when I knew he would be on his way to work. He has a powerful jump starter battery pack that he uses to help people like me when their car batteries die on church grounds. If you didn’t know already, Tom is a very helpful guy.

I arrived at the church and saw Craig Fonzen and his men’s small group meeting as they do faithfully every Wednesday morning. They were in the middle of a discussion on Nic’s May 24th sermon based on Acts 6:1-7 in which he preached that “gospel ordinary isn’t typical humanity” when it comes to dealing with issues of ethnicity, race and culture.

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What is MY role in becoming a Christian?

Question from the Congregation

My small group discussed a question recently, and they encouraged me to present it to you: “What is my role in becoming a Christian? I have always felt I had some role in becoming a follower of Christ—responding to the calling rather than just turning away, denying Jesus access to my heart and life.  However, from the reading/sermon I clearly understood that I have done nothing and it is all God’s grace. Could you consider expounding on this?”

Nic’s Response

The distinction in the Bible’s language about our actions essentially divides them into actions that are meritorious (meaning that, in return for such actions, we deserve something), and those that are essential (meaning that we have to do them, even if such action doesn’t cause us to deserve anything).

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Focusing on Christ in the Midst of Christmas Craziness

Advent may have started on Monday, but it’s not too late to begin an Advent devotional to help focus our hearts and minds on what this season is truly about. To help get you started, we collected a few for you to choose from.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13)

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